Virtual Bank Alternative

MegaTransfer is the virtual bank alternative that lets you have the financial freedom that banking institutions can’t give.

You get to enjoy all the benefits of a bank account and more without the hassle of bureaucratic procedures and less the fees of financial institutions impose. With a MegaTransfer account you can do e-banking, have instant access anywhere in the world, get the best in online security, experience the highest regulation, have better privacy options, possess your own ATM card, and have access to more than 20 currencies.

MegaTransfer goes beyond the standard service of a bank. We offer the best opportunities to maximize fund service.

Bank Transfers

We let you process transfers instantly. Deposit to your MegaTransfer account using any bank cards or e-commerce payment system. Withdraw just as easily through any credit card, even ones issued by another bank. With us, you have full control over your funds.

Invoice Issuance

Guarantee your virtual banking activities with MegaTransfer. We issue invoices for all of your transactions so you are free of worry.

Payment Processing Feature

Merchants and website owners can integrate payment buttons for easy processing of payments. Clients can pay using any bank card. Use this feature for businesses and even for donation services.

High-End Security

MegaTransfer uses the latest in online security. We have integrated Google Authenticator and SMS security systems on top of our IP address concealment features and anti-fraud measures. With us, you are sure that your money is safe.

Better Account Control

Have complete control over your MegaTransfer account. We grant multiple access right for verified users to be used for your business and personal purposes. We also allow unlimited creation of accounts, as many as you need.

Flexible Status

MegaTransfer is a virtual bank account with an e-money status. MegaTransfer account holders are not obliged to report their accounts as bank accounts. This means you get to pay less tax, have more financial flexibility, and skip long and winding bank procedures.

MegaTransfer is the best virtual bank alternative. Register now and have the advantages your money deserves.