Services For Importers and Exporters

Conduct your business anywhere in the world with MegaTransfer. We are the fast and cost-effective business solution ideal for importers and exporters.

MegaTransfer gives you instant transfers and secure accounts. Importers and exporters can now experience a world-class payment service that is fast, accessible, efficient, and most of all, affordable. We offer global access with over 100 alternative payments in almost 40 currencies across 200 countries. With MegaTransfer, you can transact instantly in almost all devices ensuring that your business is up-to-date.

Because MegaTransfer is a simplified payment system, it can carry out bulk transfers quickly and efficiently. We also make sure that you have instant access to your funds. MegaTransfer can link your Mastercard ATM card directly to your corporate account. This means that you can get your cash anywhere there’s an ATM machine.

Moreover, MegaTransfer gives you international banking without the hassle of going through local banks or waiting for conversion rates. We serve as an offshore banking alternative that lets you conduct business more privately and effortlessly. Try us out. Registering only takes minutes.

We are the optimum choice for your financial operation needs. We are MegaTransfer.

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