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MegaTransfer makes you the master of your money. We understand the importance of proper financial handling both for businesses and personal need. That’s why we’ve designed our services to become the ultimate payment solution.


When you open an account with us, you open an e-wallet that has access to the world offering you easier access, and privacy. MegaTransfer has over 30 currencies including USD, EUR, CNY, and RUB that you can transact in with our competitive currency conversion rates. This means less fees and less hassle for you.

MegaTransfer e-wallet offers you the financial freedom you seek. With a MegaTransfer account you can do e-banking, have instant access anywhere in the world, get the best in online security, have better privacy options, possess your own ATM card, and have access to more than 30 currencies. MegaTransfer goes beyond the standard service and convenience of a normal wallet. We offer the best opportunities to maximize fund storage and fund service.

Bank Transfers

We let you process transfers instantly. Deposit to your MegaTransfer e-wallet using any bank cards or e-commerce payment system. Withdraw just as easily through any credit card, even ones issued by other bank.

High-End Security

MegaTransfer uses the latest in online security. We have integrated Google Authenticator and SMS security systems on top of our IP address concealment features and anti-fraud measures. With us, you are sure that your money is safe.

Better Account Control

Have complete control over your MegaTransfer account. We grant multiple access right for verified users to be used for your business and personal purposes. We also allow unlimited creation of accounts, as many as you need.

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Currency Exchange Service

One advantageous feature offered by MegaTransfer is the currency exchange service within the account. MegaTransfer account holders have the benefit of automatic currency conversion during transactions at the most competitive rates. Transact wherever in the world you may be.

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Bank Cards Processing

Merchants and clients alike are given the freedom to use bank cards to pay and accept payments for e-commerce. So whether you’re online shopping or looking to make a purchase over the internet, MegaTransfer has got you covered. We can process Visa, MasterCard, and China UnionPay to make sure that you have worldwide reach.

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ATM Cards

We give clients the access to funds anywhere there is an ATM through the MegaTransfer ATM cards. Merchants, meanwhile, have the power to boost marketing and strengthen their brands by issuing branded and co-branded brands with us. MegaTransfer’s ATM cards give you the ultimate convenience.

Experience optimized transactions using your ATM Cards with MegaTransfer.

Round-the-Clock Fund Access

Access your money from your MegaTransfer account using your ATM Cards wherever and whenever you need it. This means that conversion from digital money to cash is as simple as a trip to the nearest ATM, providing you with maximum convenience.

Global Convenience

Having the MegaTransfer ATM card linked to your e-wallet means having access to your money in more than 200 countries across the globe. By using these cards, transactions are made quicker, easier, and more convenient. Moreover, using ATM Cards is simple through our user-friendly and reliable website.

Instant and Secure Transfers

The link between your MegaTransfer e-wallet and ATM card ensures that transfers are quick, smooth, and safe. You won't have to worry about security too because we use advanced processing systems with encryption codes to guarantee a safe and convenient money service that you deserve. So whatever it is you need to do, you can do it worry-free.

No Fees for POS Transactions

With MegaTransfer, you are granted an exclusive advantage. We give you the no fee policy for POS transactions when your e-wallet is linked to your ATM card. You can use your card without any additional interest or processing charges. It's like you're using actual money but without the hassle and dangers of bringing cash.

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