Security and License

It is our pride that customers, merchants, and dealers from around the world trust MegaTransfer to handle their transactions securely and promptly everyday. We aim to maintain the integrity of our reputation by providing you with the same reliable service every time.


MegaTransfer is a duly registered company and we adhere to the guidelines regulating the handling of financial transactions online. With our system, we further our goal to allow users to make honest transactions between each other. Multiple layers of verification are used to ensure that you and all our other users do not become victims of fraud. We review each account to verify that you and our partner merchants will not be involved in any illegal activity such as identity theft or money laundering.


At MegaTransfer, we safeguard the security of your information and the confidentiality of each transaction we handle. Our payment processing services are licensed by the Electronic Payments Association (EPA) to be valid and acceptable for operation around the world. Be assured that industry standard safety measures are utilized at all times to keep groups and individuals from gaining access to your account and making any unauthorized actions.