G Privacy Policy

Megatransfer (hereinafter referred to as the Company or MegaTransfer or ‘we’ or ‘us’) is presenting to the prospective client (hereinafter referred to as the Client or ‘you’) the Privacy Policy. The Client is assumed to have read and understood this legal document upon presentation. In case of objection, refrain from using our products and services.

  1. About MegaTransfer
    1. MegaTransfer® is a trading name of , a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with registration number .

  2. Privacy Policy
    1. MegaTransfer is dedicated to the security and privacy of any information that you agree to disclose to us.

    2. This Privacy Policy along with the MegaTransfer Terms and Conditions and other supplementary legal documentation set out the foundations of processing any information collected by us or submitted by you through our various communication methods (see MegaTransferTerms and conditions).

  3. Amendments
    1. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy and annex any additional terms at any time without prior notice to you.

    2. If changes are made to the manner in which your personal data is utilized, will notify you and it will be your responsibility to review such amendments through the e­mail address associated with your MegaTransfer Account.

    3. All amendments shall take effect upon posting on our website.

    4. You may object to such amendments by contacting us through our contact details presented below.

    5. Your disagreement to such amendments will constitute your acceptance to terminate your MegaTransfer Account with us immediately in compliance with the MegaTransfer Terms and Conditions.

  4. Information
    1. Collected Information
      1. The following information are the data that we may collect and process: Full name, address, date of birth, email address, contact number, and any other details that will serve as proof of your identity. We will also be requiring banking details such as account number, account name holder, online banking PIN, your Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) and password, the transaction history, and the remaining available balance. We may keep record and details of all transactions processed through your MegaTransfer Account. We may also oblige you to provide us with your card details such as debit, credit, etc. for your transactions. Take not that we will also keep records of our communication such as email correspondence, telephone conversation, and message responses etc. along with details of your participation on any promotions, competitions, special deals, etc sponsored by us and any data you input in any surveys you may participate in. Information collected through cookies as detailed in our cookie policy will also be collected along with any online information such as your IP address, operating system, browser details, and log­in history. Your website activity data such as location data, traffic data, websites visited, and other communication data that may be needed for billing purposes may also be gathered and any resources that you access while visiting our website.

      2. We may collect information about you from third parties agency such as financial history, credit card history, court judgments, etc. This is to ensure that we are, in compliance with the law, preventing money laundering, fraud, and other such criminal activity and minimizing our financial risks in dealing with you.

    2. Uses of Collected Information
      1. The following are ways in which we may use information submitted by and collected from you: for the operation and management of your MegaTransfer Account so that you may utilize our products and services as requested, for us to be able to execute your transaction requests and instructions. This includes sending and receiving payments, verifying your balance, etc., for notification purposes in order for us to let you know about our products and services and any amendments made in it, for verification in order for us to ensure your identity and prevent financial crimes, for you to participate in our promotions, competitions, and any special deals we may present through our website, for you to be able to utilize certain features of our website that were made for our clients’ convenience, for financial services regulation compliance as your information will be used for transaction and financial information retention, for the development of our services, for customer support such as answering queries and giving resolutions to complaints, for security purposes, and for the provision of information to you.

    3. Storage of Information
      1. All data that you submit to and collect by us will be kept in our archives but may also be transmitted and stored out the European Economic Area due to the following reasons: if your data is to be stored by our affiliate companies, some of which are US­based, if your request constitutes the sending of information outside the EEA. (Ex. merchant is outside of EEA), if you have accepted to our affiliated companies’ marketing materials, if the access of your data was necessitated by anti­fraud agencies, credit reference agencies, and other service providers that may be based outside of the EEA, if you have been referred to us by a third party that may be based outside the EEA,

      2. We will take all the necessary procedures to make sure that all of your personaldata is secure regardless of location.

    4. Security of Information
      1. It is our priority to keep your information safe and secure.

      2. In case there exists doubt in the authenticity of a website, suspicion in the security of your login details, password, or any other detail you may contact our Customer Support immediately. Any delays may cause further compromise on your security that may expose you to loss or damage which you are liable to. You should also contact the authorities to report the incident. To ensure maximum security on your end, we strongly advise you to create passwords that include various characters, change passwords regularly (3­6 months interval per change), and refrain from allowing any other person access or watch you accessyour MegaTransfer Account.

      3. We are employing physical, electronic and administrative processes for the prevention of unauthorized access and information disclosure. We will also be employing the Secret Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 128 bit encryption.

      4. On your part, you acknowledge your responsibility to secure your account details and security codes from third parties. In case of suspicion of fraud or unauthorized access in your MegaTransfer Account, contact our Customer Support.

      5. You are held responsible for safeguarding the MegatTransfer Account by keeping private information such as passwords and the like private. Only the MegaTransfer websites or the MegaTransfer payment gateway if you’re on a merchant website are valid to ask for your password. No MegaTransfer personnel or third party may ask for your password.

      6. You are responsible in the keep safing of your account details and security codes. Regardless if your computer is a publicly shared computer, you must always be aware. As much as possible, never use publicly shared computers. If it is not possible, please make sure that your browser history is cleared, your password not remembered, and your internet history not recorded.

      7. You are responsible in making yourself aware of the security measures with regards to additional products and services.

      8. You acknowledge that the internet is a vulnerable platform. We pledge to do our best in safeguarding all information you disclose to us and we collect from you however, we do not guarantee the absolute security of such information transmitted through our website.

    5. Retention of Information
      1. All data that you disclose to us or we collect from you will be retained for purposes listed above in the Information Usage section.

      2. The retention of your information upon account closure will last up to five years in accordance with the law. Information retained will include personal information such as your contact details and transaction history. We will not retain banking details such as bank PINs and passwords. After the prescribed time period has passed from the closure of account, will delete all of your data.

    6. Disclosure of Information
      1. The following people or entities are plausible to be disclosed of your information: we may disclose your information with our affiliate companies. This includes our subsidiaries, holding company, and other subsidiaries in the EEA and USA. This is essential for certain requests and instructions to be executed. We may also disclose your information with other MegaTransfer Account holders or to a merchant. This is essential for certain requests and instructions to be executed such as sending and receiving payments. We are also entitled to share your information to anti­fraud and credit reference agencies. This is for your security, authentication, and verification of your identity, details, and purpose. This disclosure is also to ensure that you are not involved with any criminal activity for both our financial interest. Another party to which we may disclose your information is to a prospective buyer or owner. This is possible during times of acquisitions and mergers. You will be duly notified of such changes. We may disclose your information to the relevant regulatory authority such as the police or the court for the protection of rights, safety, or property of both our parties. Lastly, we may disclose your information to third parties of the following nature: Such third parties in which you have accepted marketing material to, such third parties referred to us whom, as the result of said referral, we owe commission payments to, such third parties who may be used to accomplish our provision of services to you. Your information, upon disclosure to these third parties, will not be used other than the stated purpose.

  5. Communication Between Us
    1. We will communicate to you mostly through e­mail. The e­mail we will be using is the one that is associated with your MegaTransfer Account.

    2. You are to be held responsible for your awareness of all messages sent to you.

    3. All messages sent to you will be sent using English. All messages sent to us will only be accepted if using English. You have the option to choose your preferred language, if available, in your MegaTransfer Account profile. If available, we will be sending you e­mails in your preferred language. We are not obligated to communicate to you in your preferred language beyond our standard e­mails to you.

    4. You will receive messages such as notifications for amendments in any legal documentation, password changes, transaction receipts, etc.

    5. We may be occasionally send you newsletters and marketing materials which you can opt out of by accessing your MegaTransfer Account settings.

    6. To ensure that you are receiving the right messages from us, you have the option to contact us directly to our Customer Support.

    7. You acknowledge that we will never send any messages that contain executable files or executable links. If you receive such messages, delete the message immediately for it may contain a virus. We will also not send any email asking you for personal and financial account details. This may be an act of phishing and you should report such messages to us immediately through our Customer Support.

  6. Links
    1. Our website may contain links for our affiliates, advertisers, and other partner networks. You acknowledge that we have our own Privacy Policy and that we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred by you clicking on the link, inputting your personal details to them, etc.

    2. Our website features our social media features and widgets that may record your IP address and set a cookie. Such features and widgets are not covered by our Privacy Policy.

  7. Information Access and Updates
    1. In case of change in your personal details such as address or contact number, you have the option to update your information by accessing your MegaTransfer Account and going to your Profile. You may also contact us through our Customer Support for such changes.

    2. We will not be held liable for ay loss or damage incurred because of your failure to update your information with us.

    3. You may ask for your personal information by requesting to our customer support which may be subject to an access fee of £10.