Our Clients

MegaTransfer is the online payment system used by more and more individuals and companies alike. From fashion to financials, from personal to business, from expats to brokers, we’ll take care of you and your money.


Expatriates are able to maximize their purchases and financial transactions wherever they are by using MegaTransfer. With our spot exchange feature, expats may now carry out their businesses without having to worry about exchange rates.

Technology Retailers

Retailers are able to take advantage of the online shopping revolution especially sellers of smartphones, cameras, and laptops as MegaTransfer allows for all kinds of products to be handled. And with our spot exchange feature, technology retailers are able to do their business anywhere across the globe. For the minimum cost, retailers get to connect with their customers.


Whether it's for paying bills online, for buying that gift that they’ve always wanted for themselves, or for sending money wherever you are, there’s no limit to what our individual users can do with MegaTransfer. And with our unique spot exchange feature, they don’t have to worry about getting money wherever they may be.

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