1 MegaTransfer Fees

MegaTransfer recognizes the need for an online payment system that is affordable and yet highly functional. After years of development and research, we are proud in producing a simplified payment system that is fast, secure, and extensive without the expensive price tag. MegaTransfer is the affordable alternative to banking and the innovative substitute to the standard payment service. Minimal fees, advanced technology, and comprehensive financial services, MegaTransfer is now here. Try MegaTransfer today and learn more about our competitive prices.

Personal Fees
  • Account creation: FREE
  • Send money: FREE - Conditions may apply
  • Receive money: FREE
  • Deposit via Bank Transfer: FREE
  • Deposit via Credit Card: FREE
  • Deposit via China Union Pay: 2%
  • Withdrawal via Bank Transfer: FREE
  • Withdrawal to China Union Pay: 2%
  • Withdrawal to Credit Card: starting from 2.75% + (8 EUR/USD or 6 GBP or 100RUB)
  • China Union Pay Processing Fee: (+3% for exchange to USD)
Business Fees
  • Account Management and Setup: FREE
  • Client to Merchant (Credit Card): starting from 3.9% + (0.5 EUR/USD/GBP or 30 RUB or 80 JPY)
  • Client to Merchant (Internal): from 0.10%
  • Client to Merchant (Bank Wire): from 0.10%
  • Client to Merchant (China Union Pay): 2%
  • Merchant to Client (Internal): from 0.10%
  • Merchant to Client (Bank Wire): from 0.10%
  • Merchant to Client (China Union Pay): 2%
  • Merchant Withdrawal to Credit Card: starting from 2.75% + (8 EUR/USD or 6 GBP or 100RUB) [1]

1. For specific business types fees can be higher.
2. All these fees are a mark up for the bank fees.
3. For SEPA transfers: 10.00 EUR
4. SWIFT payments for all other currencies.
i. For BEN & SHA:
0.05% (Min 25.00 EUR / Max 85.00 EUR)
ii. For OUR:
0.05% (Min 25.00 EUR / Max 85.00 EUR)
+ Foreign charges: 0.10% (Min 20.00 EUR / Max 60.00 EUR)

5. SWIFT payments for USD/EUR/HKD/SGD/JPY.
i. BEN & SHA:
2 EUR + 0.05% (Min. 22 EUR; Max. 81.40 EUR)
ii. OUR:
2 EUR + 0.05% (Min. 22 EUR; Max. 81.40 EUR} + 24 EUR

6. For requests of MT103: 10 EUR will be charged.
7. Other currencies will be equivalent in EUR amount for bank fees.
8. All China Union Pay processors charge a 3% fee for conversions to USD. While most payment services hide this fact up until payout, MegaTransfer presents this upfront.
As part of our transparency policy, MegaTransfer makes sure clients are aware of this and not misled into believing otherwise.

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< FAQ for MegaTransfer

How does MegaTransfer work? &

MegaTransfer is a online payment system that allows you to buy products, sell your goods, as well as receive and send money online without worrying about trust or security. By opening a MegaTransfer account you can take advantage of our services with only an email address and password, including:

  1. Paying for goods and services at online merchants
  2. Instant transfers to friends or relatives, both locally and globally at local rates
  3. Receive and withdraw funds with no fuss
How do I upload funds onto my MegaTransfer Account? &

To add money to your account, MegaTransfer gives you the ability to choose between to following deposit methods:

  1. direct bank wires and bank deposits
  2. credit or debit card
  3. through one of our global partners
Deposit methods and limits to deposits are subject to verification procedures.
How do I receive funds? &

To receive funds into your MegaTransfer Account all you need is a valid email address and to register for a MegaTransfer account. Once you have done this, you can pass on your registered email address to a sender and start receiving payments. No other personal or financial details are needed to make a transfer, so your information always stays safe.

How do I pay for things online? &

MegaTransfer works with merchants around the globe to make paying for goods and services fast and easy, without the need to enter your financial details each time. Just look out for the MegaTransfer logo at checkouts. Alternatively, you can send funds directly to merchants via bank transfer as long as you have their bank account details.

< FAQ for Registration

What do I need to set up a MegaTransfer Account? &

To set up a personal account with MegaTransfer you must fill out our online application using a valid email address. Once the email verification is complete, your login details will be sent to you with confirmation of your account opening. It’s that simple! If you would like more information regarding our Merchant Accounts, please contact us support@megatransfer.co.uk.

Why are there limits to my account? &

Your MegaTransfer account will be subject to various limits depending on your account’s verification status. Should you wish to increase these limits you will be asked to provide additional documents to verify your identity and residence. The following documents are accepted:

  1. Proof of Identity
    1. Valid passport or
    2. Valid Government issued National Identity Card
  2. Proof of Residence
    1. Recent (3 month) Bank Statement
    2. Recent (3 month) Utility Bill

At MegaTransfer we understand that not everyone can provide the above types of documents, for more information on acceptable documents please write to us at support@megatransfer.co.uk or contact us through our website.
For more information on verifying Merchant Accounts, please contact us at support@megatransfer.co.uk and speak to an agent.

What types of people use MegaTransfer? &

If you are having problems registering for a MegaTransfer Account you can contact us to find out why, alternatively it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You are not over 18 - Services are only available to people over the age of 18
  2. You have registered from a non­serviced Country - Some countries place restrictions on their residents, as such MegaTransfer are unable to accept applications from those countries.

For more information regarding eligibility for a MegaTransfer Account, please see our Terms and conditions.

What type of MegaTransfer Account is right for me? &

The type of MegaTransfer Account you need depends on what you will use the account for.
Individual Accounts are for those who wish to send/receive money from friends and family, shop online or make international transfers whereas Business Accounts are used for accepting online payments from customers or making both local and global payments.
If the type of services you require change, we ask that you update your account to the correct account type.

Should my card be verified first before I can use it? &

To upload funds from a credit/debit card you will first need to verify the card.
By verifying the card it means that you can continue to upload funds from this card without having to verify each time you make an upload, you are also able to pay for goods through your MegaTransfer Account without entering your card details at checkout. Verification increases the amount allowed per transaction on that card.

Can I upload funds from someone else’s bank account/credit card? &

No, MegaTransfer will only accept funds that are uploaded from the registered users bank account/credit card.