Lowest Fees on the Market

MegaTransfer gives you the better experience for you and your money.
We offer you the lowest fees on the market.
  • Low Cost, High
    Low Cost, High Savings

    The more you use MegaTransfer, the more you save money. Our rates are literally one of the lowest in the market. Our fees are up to 40 times lower compared to other online payment systems. We impose an unbelievable 0.1% fee while our competitors charge 4% for wallet-to-wallet transfers. With MegaTransfer, you incur the lowest cost possible so you get to use the rest of your funds for other ventures.

  • Simple Integration and Reduced Costs

    Whether you're managing a business or looking for the digital wallet to suit your needs, MegaTransfer delivers. In a few clicks, you are given the power to integrate payment details, cards, banks, and bills into one ultimate account for all your finances. For companies, transfers and processes are smoother and cheaper if more MegaTransfer accounts are used by your clients and employees. Transactions are instant for MegaTransfer account holders while fees are significantly lowered because of our competitive rates.

  • Better Experience for Your Money

    MegaTransfer goes beyond being affordable. We give you the service and the products to enhance your financial life. Registration is simple and easy. Accounts are accessible in over 200 countries and where there is internet. We give you a virtual bank account that supports more than 20 currencies, a MegaTransfer card that gives you direct access to your cash through ATMs, deposit and withdrawal capabilities using bank accounts and cards, the highest security under UK regulations using SMS and Google authenticators, and the widest digital wallet options that include bitcoins.

With MegaTransfer you get to experience the best payment solution at the lowest cost.

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