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MegaTransfer recognizes the need for an online payment system that is affordable and yet highly functional. After years of development and research, we are proud in producing a simplified payment system that is fast, secure, and extensive without the expensive price tag. MegaTransfer is the affordable alternative to banking and the innovative substitute to the standard payment service. Minimal fees, advanced technology, and comprehensive financial services, MegaTransfer is now here. Try MegaTransfer today and learn more about our competitive prices.

* All these fees are a mark up for the bank fees.
* For SEPA transfers: 3.00 EUR
* For SWIFT that is less than or equal to 11,000 EUR: 0.125% (Minimum 7 EUR, Maximum 15 EUR) + Foreign charges of 0.10% (Minimum 10 EUR, Maximum 11 EUR). Minimum bank charge: 17 EUR, and maximum: 24.75 EUR
* For SWIFT that is more than 11,000 EUR: 23.17 EUR + 3 USD
* For requests of MT103: 10 EUR.
Note: Other currencies will be equivalent in EUR amount for bank fees.
*** For exotic currencies such as RUB, AED, ILS, KWD, SAR, HUF, RON, and INR, bank fee is 1.5%.
Personal Fees
  • Account creation: FREE
  • Send money: FREE - Conditions may apply
  • Receive money: FREE
  • Deposit via Bank Transfer: FREE
  • Deposit via Credit Card: FREE
  • Deposit via China Union Pay: FREE
  • Withdrawal via Bank Transfer: FREE
  • Withdrawal to China Union Pay: FREE - Conditions may apply
  • Withdrawal to Credit Card: FREE - Conditions may apply
Business Fees
  • Account Management and Setup: FREE
  • Client to Merchant (Credit Card): starting from 3.9% + (0.5 EUR/USD/GBP or 30 RUB)
  • Client to Merchant (Internal): 0.10%
  • Client to Merchant (Bank Wire): 0.10%
  • Client to Merchant (China Union Pay): 1.6%
  • Merchant to Client (Internal): FREE
  • Merchant to Client (Bank Wire): 0.10%
  • Merchant to Client (China Union Pay): 0.75%
  • Merchant Withdrawal to Credit Card: starting from 2.75% + (8 EUR/USD or 5 GBP or 100RUB)

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