~ Anti-Money Laundering

As a global financial services company, MegaTransfer complies with laws and regulations from around the world to combat fraudulent transactions, terrorist funding, and other financial crimes through AntiMoney Laundering (AML). We expect your cooperation at all times in preventing, detecting, and reporting such incidents.
To prevent these illegal activities and to detect and report any attempts to do so to the rightful authorities, we have in place multiple measures under our AML policy.
During the course of your use of MegaTransfer services, we may require you to submit formal documentation to confirm your identity and the legal status of your business operation. This may include soliciting additional personal and business information such as details of your bank account and other documents regarding your person. Using these information and under global guidelines, we may review your account against government and international watch lists.
You may be required to submit the information above when first opening an account with MegaTransfer, when making use of any of our services, or during our periodic review process and other instances that follow relevant rules and regulations.