Affiliate Program

The MegaTransfer Affiliate Program is the most comprehensive revenue program that gives you the opportunity to earn more through referred clients and their activities. The steps are easy!
Register as an affiliate to create your own MegaTransfer account.
Start inviting and referring clients that will register as MegaTransfer users.
Earn instant commission from every new MegaTransfer client you successfully get.
Get revenue share of as much as 50% per transaction or receive a one-time fee.
MegaTransfer knows how you can earn more.

By becoming an affiliate today, you not only get the chance to get richer fast, you also get the tools and the support you need. We have a group of experts that specializes in promotion and marketing. We equip you with the resources that you need including web banners, text links, and advertising paraphernalia for easier invites.


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