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Get 0% fee

MegaTransfer is giving you the ultimate gift with the launch of our 0% fee promotion! Get 0% fee on almost all of MegaTransfer's financial services. Every MegaTransfer client can now enjoy our fast, secure, and efficient payment service for the price of nearly nothing. What are you waiting for, become a MegaTransfer client and get the better payment solution, today!

Why use MegaTransfer?

  • Exchanging Currency

    MegaTransfer is at the forefront of innovation. That’s why we are pleased to offer the exchange currency feature. You can now exchange money with the most essential currencies: USD, EUR, and GDP, directly at our website! Get rid of third parties, skip the hassle, and be the master of your money. Try MegaTransfer today, we keep it simple.

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  • User-Friendly

    Whether you’re transferring money internationally, exchanging currency, or managing your business, MegaTransfer ensures that our financial services put your interest first before anything else. We designed our system to be user­friendly and straightforward without sacrificing sophistication and performance. Come and experience the fast and secure services of MegaTransfer.
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  • International Transfers

    MegaTransfer offers you the world. We are bridging distances and giving you the power to transact internationally anytime and anywhere. Transfer money easily and securely with a simplified payment system that lets you track and access your transactions at any given moment. Do business with us and you do business with the world.
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  • Alternative Banking

    Get all the same capabilities as a bank without the hassle of complicated registrations or hidden fees. We give you a new alternative to banking that allows for more accessibility to your funds, grants you more control over your business, and gives you more flexibility. MegaTransfer is the perfect alternative to banking.

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MegaTransfer will take care of you.

We keep money secure, funds accessible, and transactions efficient. Grow your business with us.
  • Deposit

    Add money to your account by selecting the easiest method for you! Choose between bank wires, credit cards, and through our exchange providers.

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  • Withdraw funds

    In need of cash? No problem. Withdraw money by sending it to your bank account, making use of your ePayments card, or through our exchange providers.

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  • Fast transfer

    Sending money has never been this easy. MegaTransfer instantly transfers any amount you want to anyone around the world, even to non-MegaTransfer users, for a minimal fee.

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  • Our clients

    MegaTransfer is used all over the world by online businesses who offer products ranging from fashion to financials and from video games to photography gear.

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  • Security

    MegaTransfer complies with laws and regulations from around the world to combat fraudulent transactions, terrorist funding, and other financial crimes.

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  • Affordable rates

    We believe that a business is only successful when their clients are satisfied of fees yet still having efficient services.

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